Eugene's Colors

As a full-time photographer, there are some assignments I accept to keep the lights on, some to build relationships, & some to simply reinvigorate my imagination. Every once in a while though, there comes a project that speaks to me not just creatively, but spiritually. This was one of those projects.

When Eugene told me his plan for the music video, I instantly jumped on board. I knew what he was doing wasn't just important. It was necessary. Watching playback from the monitors, I couldn't help but be heartbroken that this is truth for so many in the world. This may be his personal story, but I know so many will relate to the characters in the video.

Having grown up in a very conservative environment, I know I was once part of the problem. I wore the proverbial white shirt. I didn't understand. I feared & judged. I was wrong, & I'm sorry.

In my time getting to know the LGBTQ+ community, I've come to learn they are among the strongest, most beautiful, & accepting people I've ever met. In the face of ignorance, hate, & even violence, the choice has been made to love.

Watching the video team work was truly a sight to behold. There were countless moving parts to the production, but everything synced up perfectly to Eugene's directorial heartbeat. All aspect had been thought out, down to every 8th beat of choreography. Very few people could have pulled it off, but that just further exemplifies his unparalleled work ethic.

This is art with purpose, & I'm honestly so proud of Eugene & his team. I'm so honored to have played even the smallest part in this. Apologies to all my friends for asking non-stop questions. I'm still learning. (& also sorry for singing "The Rose" over & over again. It was seriously stuck in my head!) Happy Pride to you all!

Photographer: JD Renes

Model: Eugene Lee Yang

Hair Stylist: David Dang

Makeup Artistry: Arianna Chaylene

Styling: Farren Jean Andrèa

Wardrobe: A-Jane & Utierre

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